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LaGrange County Public Library

The LaGrange County Public Library offers a number of genealogy resources in its County History department.  These include:
  • Microfilmed LaGrange County census records, 1830-1930 (including 1890)
  • An index to the 1860 LaGrange County census
  • W.P.A. index of LaGrange County birth records, 1882-1920
  • W.P.A. index of LaGrange County death records, 1882-1924
  • Indexes of birth announcements published in the LaGrange Standard & News from 1977-1989 
  • Indexes of obituaries published in the LaGrange Standard & News from 1977 to the present; 1977-1989 are indexed by name, and 1973-1974 and 1984 to the present are indexed by date.
  • An index of the cemeteries of LaGrange County, circa 1984
  • Microfilmed LaGrange County marriage records, 1832-1950
  • An index of LaGrange County marriages 1832-1880
  • W.P.A. index of LaGrange County marriages, 1880-1920
  • Microfilmed copies of:
    • The LaGrange Standard, 1863 to the present
    • The LaGrange News, 1929-1949, 1961-1978, and 1984 to the present
    • The Topeka Journal, 1905-1957
    • Scattered issues of other local newspapers
  • Microfilmed LaGrange County wills, 1842-1923
  • A LaGrange County grantee index, 1834-1860
  • Historical atlases of LaGrange County, 1874 and 1893
  • Histories of LaGrange County and the surrounding area
  • A W.P.A. index of local history books
  • A number of family histories
  • Amish directories for LaGrange County and surrounding areas, 1970, 1980, 1985, 1988, 1995, 1998, and 2002.
  • A large number of histories of other counties and other states, Ohio and Pennsylvania in particular.
  • A number of general reference and resource books for genealogists.
These materials may be used at the library any time the library is open.  They may not be checked out.

The LaGrange County Public Library has part-time genealogy volunteers on call.  We will attempt to answer any genealogy requests that we receive, but we ask genealogists to request only very specific pieces of information, please.  In addition, please supply as much background information as possible, so we'll have something to work with.

We urge genealogists who need in-depth research to try consulting the LaGrange County Genealogist Barb Mulholland at, the Indiana Genealogy Society's Researchers List, or Allen County Public Library's Genealogy Department for local assistance.

LaGrange County Court House

LaGrange County's marriage, divorce, probate, and court records are kept in the County Clerk's Office at the Court House.
    County Clerk's Office
    Court House
    105 N. Detroit St.
    LaGrange, IN 46761
    phone:  260-499-6371

    Hours:  Monday - Thursday:  8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
                 Friday:  8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

LaGrange County Health Department

Indiana began keeping birth and death records in 1882.  Lagrange County’s birth and death records are kept at the LaGrange County Health Department, which is located across the street from Parkview LaGrange Hospital. 
LaGrange County Health Department
304 N. Townline Road, Suite #1

LaGrange, IN 46761-1319
phone:  (260) 499-4182 x221
fax:  (260) 499-4189

    Hours:  Monday - Friday:  8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

LaGrange County Historical Societies
Genealogy Links
Index to Birth Records, LaGrange County, Indiana, 1882-1920 [Requires Adobe Reader]
Index to Death Records, LaGrange County, Indiana, 1882-1924  [Requires Adobe Reader]
Index to Marriage Records, LaGrange County, Indiana, 1880-1920 [Requires Adobe Reader]
Index to Divorce Records, LaGrange County, Indiana
Index to Wills, LaGrange County, Indiana- Part One
Index to Wills, LaGrange County, Indiana- Part Two
LaGrange County IN Cemetery Records 
LaGrange County, IN - INGenWeb Project - LaGrange County's section of the USGenweb Project.
Sole Heirs of Decendents Book Two Part One
Sole Heirs of Decendents Book Two Part Two
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1890 Census-Clay Township
1890 Census-Clearspring Township
1890 Census-Eden Township
1890 Census-Greenfield Township
1890 Census-Johnson Township
1890 Census-LaGrange City
1890 Census-Lima Township
1890 Census-Milford Township
1890 Census-Newberry Township
1890 Census-Springfield Township
Order Book Civil

Grand Army of the Republic Ledger
World War II Scrapbook


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