Accident/Emergency/Disaster Policy

Various emergencies are possible in a public building when staff and/or patrons are present.  In case of an emergency situation concerning the library, the employees of the LaGrange County Public Library should use their own judgment and discretion concerning how to best handle the situation without taking personal risk or bringing risk to other employees.  If the nature of the emergency is such that further assistance is needed, the library director or in their absence the assistant director should be notified. 
The library director is in charge of the library when present.  If the library director and assistant director are absent, minor emergencies, disasters, or incidents should be directly handled by the personnel on duty at the time.  The supervisor should take care of the situation temporarily until more permanent measures can be instituted.  The library board president shall be notified of the emergency or disaster by the library director or the assistant director. 
Reporting accidents or incidents should be done as soon as possible.  This should be done in every case of property damage, injury, or general disturbance.  An incident form should be filled out once the situation is stable.  Whether the situation includes staff, patrons, or both, the form should be filled out.  This enables the library to maintain a record of the incident for future reference. (See attached incident form).

Blocked Accounts

A patron's account is blocked when any one of the following applies:

To unblock the account, the patron must:

Bookmobile Policy

Beginning August 19, 2013, the bookmobile will be running on a four week rotating schedule.

All items will be checked out for four weeks.

If you miss a stop, you may return your items to any branch or renew the items by phone at 260-463-2841 x1040.

You may only renew an item one time.

If the bookmobile misses a stop, any items due that day will automatically be renewed for you.

Cell Phone Policy

Ringing cell phones make library use difficult for others; therefore all cell phones and beepers must be turned off or set to a silent mode while in the library. If a call is received it is advised that the patron either ignore the call or move to an unpopulated area to take the call.  If possible the patron should step outside of the library if it is necessary to talk on the cell phone.

Staff members are authorized to remind patrons of this policy and request that cell phones be silenced. Repeat issues with this policy will result in suspension of library privileges.

Children's Policy

Children are welcomed and encouraged to visit the LaGrange County Public Library often.  We would like to remind parents that the library is a large and public building; therefore, the library’s children’s policy is in place for the safety and comfort of all our patrons:

Children in the Library

In all situations, the  party who has transported children onto the library premises or who has otherwise directed or allowed children onto the library premises, shall be responsible for the care and safety of those children at all times.

Parents, guardians, and/or responsible parties are expected to control their children while on library premises. Children are not allowed to loiter, wander aimlessly, or use the library as a playground.

Children, ages 7 and under must be accompanied by a responsible party at all times.  If children, 7 and under, come to the library on their own without a responsible party, they will be asked to leave.

Unattended children who come alone to the library will be asked to leave at closing or if they are disruptive. They are expected to be using library services while in the library.  The library staff is not responsible for unattended children who choose to leave the library on their own.

The library staff will attempt to contact the responsible party of a child left unattended at closing.  If the responsible party cannot be reached, the child will be turned over to the local law enforcement agency.

The library staff is not responsible for babysitting or entertaining children whose parents are in meetings or programs in the community room, attending a library program, or whose parent or guardian is in another department of the library.

Children’s Behavior

·  For their own safety:

Children are not allowed to run in the library.  Children are not allowed to play in the bathrooms, on the elevator, or stairs.  Children are not to climb shelving or sit on counters.  Children are not  allowed to play around or in the fireplace.  Children are not allowed in staff areas.

·   Library staff will attempt to notify the responsible party if a child is being disruptive or breaking library policies.  However, the library staff has the right to prevent a child from being disruptive   if no responsible party is available or if the responsible party fails to control the child.

·   Parents, caregivers, and their children can be asked to leave the library if the child’s behavior is disruptive, damages the library, or could cause injury to others.

·   Adults, Guardians, and/or Responsible Parties who use the library's services or activities must supervise any children in their care.  The library staff will not be responsible for un-attended children.  Responsible Parties may borrow books and puzzles from the Children's Department to entertain children while the responsible party uses the computer.  If the child's behavior becomes disruptive, both the responsible party and the child will be asked to leave the library premises.

Collection Development Policy

It is the function of the LaGrange County Public Library to provide materials for all ages, from preschool through maturity.  The aim of the adult book collection is to make available books and other materials that will meet the lifelong learning, informational, cultural, and recreational interests and needs of the people of LaGrange County.  To fulfill this purpose the library endeavors to maintain a carefully selected collection of representative books and other materials of permanent value and current interest.

The children’s collection is selected to provide entertaining reading for the sake of reading and, insofar as possible, to provide information in all fields of knowledge which is of interest to children.  The collection is carefully selected for children with on books and other materials which stimulate imagination, encourage discovery, and provide exposure to various types of literature.

Young adult books are selected with the aim of helping teenagers find self-realization; live useful, well-adjusted lives in the community; and know and understand the world at large.  They are selected to widen the thinking of adolescents, to enrich their lives, and to help them fulfill their recreational and emotional needs in a global society.   

Non-print materials are selected on the bases of educational and entertainment purposes.  Requests from patrons and staff are also taken into consideration when making selections.

American Library Association Freedom to Read

American Library Association Freedom to View

Community Room Policy

The following policy applies both at the main LaGrange County Public Library and at its Topeka Branch:

Please note:  The new policy will be effective January 2, 2013

For a printable copy of the Community Room Policy please click here.

The LaGrange County Public Library is very proud to have available a community room for the public to use.  The community room is available on equal terms to all groups in the county, regardless of the individual beliefs and affiliations of their members.  The facility is available to non-profit county, civic, educational, informational, recreational, and cultural organizations without charge.

Groups cannot use the room more than one day per week and only twice a month, unless approved by the director. The community room is not available on Sunday or holidays unless approved by the director. Out of county groups cannot use the room without the director’s approval.

Granting permission to use the library facilities does not constitute an endorsement by the library staff or library board of the users or their beliefs and any misrepresentation of this fact will result in the loss of library use privileges for the offending group.  Use of the premises may be terminated at any time if the conduct of the group, or any member of the group, is disruptive to library service, abusive, or dangerous to the building, library materials, exhibits, furnishings, or individuals in the building. Any group or individual who advertises an event to be held at the Community Room is required to include the following disclaimer in their advertisements:

DISCLAIMER: Granting permission to use the library facilities does not constitute an endorsement by the library staff or library board of the users or their beliefs.

Since library-sponsored events take precedence, events scheduled in the Community Room may be cancelled if the room is needed for a library event. This will be done at least 4 weeks prior to the scheduled event, and library staff will contact the group representative.

Reservation requests may be made in person or via telephone. No reservation will be finalized without a signed Community Room Agreement Form and payment of the required deposit. Any library equipment needed should be reserved when reserving the room.

Groups using the Community Room will be expected to arrange the chairs and tables to suit their own needs. Library staff will not set-up the room.  Following the meeting, all chairs must be stacked, tables wiped off and folded down, food and beverages removed, spills cleaned, trash removed to dumpster, foyer and bathrooms picked up.

A normal noise level and appropriate conduct will be expected of groups utilizing the facility.  Parents/guardians are responsible for providing supervision for children before, during, and after any functions.

Each entity that reserves library space assumes full responsibility for compliance with this policy and for any damage incurred resulting from the use of the facilities.  Abuse of the facilities, or violation of this policy will be sufficient cause to deny further use and will result in forfeiture of the $50 security deposit.

The library does not assume any responsibility for the security of personal items.


Non-profit organizations- no fee, $75 security deposit required
For-profit organizations- $50 fee (plus sales tax of $3.50), $75 security deposit required
Policy violations/damages- $75 minimum up to cost of damages and “not in good standing” status which may prevent future Community Room use.
Security Deposit- the security deposit will be returned in full after the event it the conditions of this policy have been met

Food and Drink Rules:

No smoking is allowed in any LaGrange County Public Library facility or on the grounds.

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited!

Kitchenette and appliances are available but must be cleaned thoroughly after use. Groups must bring their own supplies (food, tableware, flatware, dish cloths, towels, etc.).

All spills and accidents must be immediately cleaned.


Keys will open the interior door, both exterior doors, and the cleaning closet located between the men's and women's restrooms.

Keys are made available when the Community Room is in use after regular library hours.

Failure to return a key will result in the need to re-key the entire area.  The cost of this procedure will be passed on the person who signed for the Community Room.

Trash Removal:

The party responsible for the event must take the trash with him/her when leaving.  If more than on bag of trash is left in the Community Room after an event, $25 of the security deposit will be deducted to cover the cost.

Computer Use Policy

Desplácese hacia abajo para ver la versión en español. Si está de acuerdo, haga clic en el botón de aceptar azul en la parte inferior derecha de la pantalla emergente. si no, haga clic en el botón de disminución de la izquierda.

Computer Use Policy

The LaGrange County Public Library system offers free Internet access for the purposes of education, information, recreation, and research.

Filtering: (Per CIPA- Children’s Internet Protection Act Requirements)

The LaGrange County Public Library implements filtering software in an attempt to keep inappropriate materials from minors.  However, no filtering technology exists that blocks all access to speech that is obscene, child pornography, or other materials deemed harmful to minors. Librarians cannot override this filtering process due to the library’s ongoing responsibility for the protection of minors.

Patrons may request that a webpage be unblocked for a ‘single sitting’. The library IT supervisor will review the request, and base a decision on current blocking methods.

The LaGrange County Public Library does not guarantee that public access computers will be available when the Library is open.  All Public access computers are subject to down time and the library shall not be liable for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential damages (including the loss of data or profits) sustained or incurred in connection with the use, operations, or inability to use the system.

A patron will be denied the use of  public access computers in the following circumstances:

The internet and its available resources contain a wide variety of material and opinions from many points of view.  Some sites accessible via the Internet may contain material that is inaccurate, defamatory, illegal, or potentially offensive to some people.  Users are responsible for determining that information they access is acceptable, reliable, and suitable to their needs.

Staff and board members of the LaGrange County Public Library shall not be responsible for any user or patron’s use, or inability to use, the public access computers or resources located at the library.  Any user or patron who uses a public access computer agrees to abide by all library computer use policies, guidelines, and procedures, and releases the library staff and board from any and all claims which may arise from the use of said computers.

All users are subject to applicable local, state, and federal statutes.


The user agrees to reimburse the library for any damage to library equipment or software caused by the user or any children in the user's care.

Patron Usage:

Patrons may use the public access computers two hours per day.  Computers may be reserved in advance; otherwise, they will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.  If there are no other patrons waiting to access a computer, additional time may be requested.  During periods of high demand for public access computers, the library reserves the right to decrease the amount of time from two hours to one hour.  During these times a posting will be displayed at the check-out desks, stating that this rule is in effect.

Non-Patrons must sign in at the front desk before they will be logged onto a computer. Patrons with library cards can simply swipe their card and enter their pin number to access the public computers.  All computer stations will automatically shut down fifteen (15) minutes before the library closes. Library staff cannot override this option, Patrons are responsible for saving any unfinished work prior to the public access computers shutting down.  Patrons will only receive a three (3) minute on-screen warning.

Saving files:

Patrons may save files to USB flash or thumb drives.  Saving to the hard drive is strictly prohibited. 

Cost for printed material:

Black-and-white printouts – 15 cents per page.
Color printouts – 30 cents per page.  (A printout will be considered “color” if it contains any colors other than black and white or gray scale.)

Users must pay for anything they print.  If  users are not sure how to print their intended materials, it is the users’ responsibility to seek help from a staff member.

Patron Usage

The responsible party of minor children is accountable for the internet use and activities of their children, whether or not the responsible party is with the child at the time.

Minors aged seven (7) and under must be accompanied by responsible party while using the Internet.

Adults who use the library's computers services or activities must supervise any children in their care.  The library staff will not be responsible for un-attended children.  Adults may borrow books and puzzles from the Children's Department to entertain children while the adult uses the computer.  If the child's behavior becomes disruptive, both the adult and the child will be asked to leave the library premises.


Users are reminded that information transmitted over the Internet may not be secure, and may be readable by third parties. Users are strongly discouraged from sending personal or financial information over the internet and do so at their own risk.

Users are also reminded that information they leave in the memory banks of the library's computers can be accessed by other users and should be considered public. The library will not release information on the use of specific Internet resources accessed by members of the public except as required by law or necessary for the proper operation of the library.

Wireless Access:

The library provides wireless access at all branches excluding the Bookmobile. 

In order to use the library’s wireless network, connections must be 802.1b, 802.1g, or 802.1n compatible.

The library makes no guarantee that you will be able to make a wireless connection. If you need assistance, we recommend that you contact the manufacturers of your laptop hardware and software.

Unacceptable Use:

The LaGrange County Public Library whole-heartedly supports the constitutional right to free speech; however, not all forms of speech can be appropriately or legally supplied by a taxpayer-supported entity such as a public library.  By accepting this agreement, the user is responsible to abide by the library's definitions of acceptable use.

The LaGrange County Public Library considers the following (but not limited to) to be unacceptable use of public resources:

·  Any illegal activity or the promotion thereof; this includes--but is not limited to--hacking, copyright infringement, creation or distribution of malicious programming, etc.

·  Display, dissemination, or printing of nudity, obscenity, pornography, or otherwise sexually explicit or abusive graphics or text.

·  Harassment, slander, libel, or otherwise abusive, malicious, or threatening behavior.

·  Broadcasting or otherwise mass distributing unsolicited material.

·  Gambling.

·  Representing yourself as someone else or misrepresenting your age; this includes giving someone else's e-mail address as your own.


1. Any user who violates this agreement will receive a warning and have their Internet privileges revoked for one week.
2. Any user who violates this agreement a second time will have their Internet privileges revoked for thirty days.
3. Any user who violates this agreement for a third time will have their Internet privileges permanently revoked.
4. Any user who uses a library computer for illegal activities will have their Internet privileges permanently revoked.  Evidence of illegal activities will be reported to the proper authorities.

INDIANA CODE, 35-49-3-3    Dissemination of matter or conducting performance harmful to minors

Sec. 3. A person who knowingly or intentionally:

(1) disseminates matter to minors that is harmful to minors;

(2) displays matter that is harmful to minors in an area to which minors have visual, auditory, or physical access, unless each minor is accompanied by his parent or guardian;

(3) sells or displays for sale to any person matter that is harmful to minors within five hundred (500) feet of the nearest property line of a school or church;

(4) engages in or conducts a performance before minors that is harmful to minors;

(5) engages in or conducts a performance that is harmful to minors in an area to which minors have visual, auditory, or physical access, unless each minor is accompanied by his parent or guardian;

(6) misrepresents his age for the purpose of obtaining admission to an area from which minors are restricted because of the display of matter or a performance that is harmful to minors; or

(7) misrepresents that he is a parent or guardian of a minor for the purpose of obtaining admission of the minor to an area where minors are being restricted because of display of matter or performance that is harmful to minors; commits a Class D felony.

INDIANA CODE, 35-50-2-7    Class D felony

Sec. 7. (a) A person who commits a Class D felony shall be imprisoned for a fixed term of one and one-half (1½) years, with not more than one and one-half (1½) years added for aggravating circumstances or not more than one (1) year subtracted for mitigating circumstances. In addition, he may be fined not more than ten thousand dollars ($10,000).

 LaGrange Biblioteca del Condado de computadoras de uso público de Política

El condado de LaGrange sistema de la Biblioteca Pública ofrece acceso gratuito a Internet para los fines de la educación y la investigación.

La Internet y sus recursos disponibles contienen una amplia variedad de material y las opiniones de muchos puntos de vista.. Algunos sitios accesibles a través de Internet pueden contener material que es inexacto, difamatorio, ilegal, o potencialmente ofensivo para algunas personas.. Los usuarios son responsables de determinar que la información que el acceso es aceptable, confiable y adecuada a sus necesidades.

La Biblioteca del Condado LaGrange no garantiza que las computadoras de acceso público estará disponible cuando la biblioteca esté abierta. Todos los ordenadores de acceso público están sujetos a tiempo de inactividad y la Biblioteca no se hace responsable de los daños directos o indirectos, incidentales o consecuentes (incluyendo la pérdida de datos o de beneficios) sufridos o incurridos en conexión con el uso, las operaciones, o la imposibilidad de usar el sistema.

Los clientes se les negará el uso de dos computadoras de acceso público y de red inalámbrica de la biblioteca en las siguientes circunstancias:

El patrón o los menores de edad para los cuales el patrón es responsable de haber acumulado no remunerados multas de la biblioteca de $ 10.00 o más.

La Biblioteca del Condado LaGrange implementa el software de filtrado en un intento de mantener los materiales inadecuados de menores de edad. Sin embargo, no existe tecnología de filtrado de bloqueo que impida el acceso al discurso que la pornografía es obscena, infantil u otros materiales perjudiciales para los menores.

Los bibliotecarios no pueden reemplazar este proceso de filtrado, debido a la responsabilidad de las bibliotecas en curso para la protección de los menores. Los usuarios pueden solicitar y llenar una "Solicitud de Patrón para un cambio de filtrado de Internet" formulario si desea solicitar una página web pueden agregar o quitar. El personal de la Biblioteca revisará la solicitud y la base de una decisión sobre los actuales métodos de bloqueo.

Los miembros del personal y la Junta de la Biblioteca Pública del Condado LaGrange no será responsable de cualquier patrón o el uso del usuario, o imposibilidad de uso, las computadoras de acceso público o de los recursos ubicados en la biblioteca. Cualquier usuario o cliente que usa una computadora de acceso público se compromete a respetar todas las políticas de uso de la biblioteca de ordenador, directrices y procedimientos, y libera el personal de la biblioteca y comida de todas las reclamaciones que puedan derivarse de su uso de dichos equipos. Los usuarios están sujetas a las leyes locales, estatales y federales.

Damages: Daños y perjuicios:

El usuario se compromete a reembolsar a la biblioteca de cualquier daño a los equipos de biblioteca o de software causado por el usuario o cualquiera de sus hijos en el cuidado del usuario.

Límites de tiempo:

Los usuarios pueden utilizar las computadoras de acceso público dos horas por día. Las computadoras pueden ser reservados con antelación, de lo contrario, se le asignará por orden de llegada, hasta completar aforo. Si no hay otros clientes que esperan tener acceso a un ordenador, un usuario puede tener hasta tres horas el acceso total diario de la computadora. Durante periodos de alta demanda de ordenadores de acceso público, la biblioteca se reserva el derecho a disminuir la cantidad de tiempo de dos horas a una hora. Durante estos tiempos un anuncio aparecerá en los mostradores de check-out, indicando que esta norma está en vigor.

Todas las estaciones de la computadora se apagará automáticamente 15 minutos antes de que la biblioteca cierra. Personal de la biblioteca no puede anular esta opción; Los clientes son responsables de salvar cualquier trabajo inacabado antes de las computadoras de acceso público cerrando. Los clientes sólo recibirá una advertencia de 3 minutos.

Guardar archivos:

Los usuarios pueden guardar archivos en disquetes, discos ZIP o USB memorias USB flash. Guardar en el disco duro está estrictamente prohibido. Los usuarios pueden utilizar sus propios discos o pueden comprar los discos en blanco en el mostrador principal de circulación.

La Biblioteca del Condado LaGrange de todo corazón apoya el derecho constitucional a la libertad de expresión, sin embargo, no todas las formas de discurso puede ser apropiada o legalmente suministrada por una entidad apoyada por los contribuyentes, tales como una biblioteca pública. Al firmar este acuerdo, el usuario se compromete a cumplir con las definiciones de la biblioteca de uso aceptable.

La Biblioteca del Condado LaGrange considera lo siguiente (pero no limitados a) que el uso inaceptable de los recursos públicos:

• •Cualquier actividad ilegal o la promoción del mismo, lo que incluye - pero no se limita a – piratería informática, violación de los derechos de autor, la creación o distribución de programación malicioso, etc

• •Pantalla, la difusión, o la impresión de desnudez, obscenidad, la pornografía, o gráficos de locontrario sexualmente explícitas o abusivo o de texto.

• •El acoso, calumnias, injurias o conducta de otro modo abusivo, malicioso, o amenazante.

• •Radiodifusión o de otra manera masiva distribución de material no solicitado.

• •Gambling. Juegos de azar.

• •En representación de sí mismo como otra persona o falsear su edad, lo que incluye dar de otra persona e-mail como el suyo propio.

• •Comunicación en tiempo real, tales como grupos de chat, mensajería instantánea, y multi-User Dungeons (MUD).

• •Cualquier comportamiento que provoca una alteración en la biblioteca.


1. Cualquier usuario que viole este acuerdo recibirán una advertencia y tener sus privilegios de Internet revocada por una semana.
2. Cualquier usuario que viole este acuerdo por segunda vez tendrán sus privilegios de Internet revocada por treinta días.
3. Cualquier usuario que viole este acuerdo por tercera vez tendrán sus privilegios de Internet permanentemente revocada.
4. Cualquier usuario que utiliza una computadora en la biblioteca para actividades ilegales tendrán sus privilegios de Internet permanentemente revocada. La evidencia de actividades ilegales serán reportados a las autoridades competentes.

El Código de Indiana, 35-49-3-3 Difusión de la materia o la realización de prestaciones perjudicial para los menores

Sec. Sec. 3. 3. Una persona que a sabiendas o intencionalmente:

(1) disseminates matter to minors that is harmful to minors; (1) difunde la materia a los menores que son dañinas para los menores de edad;

(2) muestra la materia que es perjudicial para los menores de edad en una zona en la que los menores tienen visual, auditiva, o el acceso físico, a menos que cada menor es acompañado por su padre o tutor;

(3) vende o muestra para la venta a cualquier persona que importa es perjudicial para los menores de edad dentro de quinientos (500) metros de la línea más cercana de propiedad de una escuela o iglesia;

(4) o se dedica a cabo una actuación antes de los menores que son dañinas para los menores de edad;

(5) participe o lleva a cabo una actuación que es perjudicial para los menores en una zona en la que los menores tienen visual, auditiva, o el acceso físico, a menos que cada menor es acompañado por su padre o tutor;

(6) falsifica su edad con el propósito de obtener la admisión en una zona en la que los menores de edad están restringidas debido a la visualización de la materia o de una actuación que es perjudicial para los menores de edad, o

(7) sin fundamento que él es un padre o tutor de un menor con el fin de obtener la admisión del menor en un área donde los menores están siendo restringidos debido a la visualización de la materia o el rendimiento que es perjudicial para los menores de edad;

comete un delito mayor clase D. El Código de Indiana, 35-50-2-7 delito mayor clase D

Sec. Sec. 7. 7. (A) Una persona que comete un delito mayor clase D será castigado con reclusión por un término fijo de uno y medio (11, 2) años, con no más de una vez y media (11, 2) años añadido para las circunstancias agravantes o no más de un (1) año para restar las circunstancias atenuantes. In addition, he may be fined not more than ten thousand dollars ($10,000). Además, puede ser multado no más de diez mil dólares ($ 10.000).

Reviewed 2011 Revisado 2011


Donations of materials are gratefully accepted with the understanding that the Library may add them to the collection if they meet established standards for purchased materials, with emphasis on currency, physical condition, and need.  Donated materials not added to the collection will be used as reading incentives, given to the Friends of the LaGrange County Public Library, or disposed of by other means.  The library cannot place a monetary value on gifts for tax purposes, however receipts are provided upon request. Gifts of funds are always welcome and may be designated as memorials. An appropriate bookplate will be included in each gift identifying the donor and purpose of the donation.
Decisions concerning acceptance or rejection of donated items are to be made by the library director.  No conditional donations will be accepted.

On occasion it may be necessary to deaccession an object (remove it from the collection for sale or other disposal).  Such deaccessioning will be done by the Library Director in consultation with the Department or Branch Manager.  The library will accept no items on indefinite loan.  Loans will be accepted for temporary exhibits or use provided an agreement is reached outlining a specific expiration date of the loan. 

Deed of Gift

Deed of Gift Form

eReader Loan Agreement

Beginning on January 20, 2014 the LaGrange County Public Library will have Kindles available for checkout.  Below you will find a link to the eReader Agreement.
eReader Loan Agreement

Fixed Assets Policy

General Information

This Fixed Asset Policy became effective January 17, 2005.  The policy will be used to provide accountability and to safeguard capital assets as defined herein.

Definitions of Fixed Assets

Fixed assets include such items as: land easements, right of ways, buildings, equipment, and vehicles.

Assets with an estimated useful life of more than one year and an original cost of $2,000 or more will be accounted for as fixed assets. For accountability and safeguarding of assets, an inventory will be kept on all computers and on all items costing less than the thresholds noted above, but more than $1,000, which will be classified as non-fixed assets.

Valuation of Fixed Assets

Fixed assets should be recorded at actual cost. Normally the cost recorded is the purchase price or construction costs of the asset, but also included is any other reasonable and necessary costs incurred to place the asset in its intended location for its intended use, that can be directly related to the asset. Donated or contributed assets should be recorded at their fair market value on the date donated or acquired.

Periodic Inventories

A physical inventory of fixed assets will be conducted at least every other year, as near as practical to year-end. The library director will keep a list of the inventory on file. If the condition of an asset has deteriorated to the point its useful life has been impaired, that fact should be noted. Omission of assets included on the inventory list should also be noted, and the reasons for such omissions should be documented to the extent possible. The library director will compare the results of the physical inventory to the fixed asset records and make necessary adjustment to the fixed assets ledger.

Food for Fines

*Note*:  Beginning May 1st the library will no longer accept Food for Fines year round.

In an effort to help the community, the LaGrange County Public Library will accept non-perishable food items in lieu of money for payment of overdue fines during designated time periods, which will be publicized.

This special fine collection will take place only at the LaGrange County Public Library and branches for the benefit of LaGrange County’s local food pantries.  The Library will not accept any food items past expiration date, items in glass containers, items separated from multi-packs, sample-sized items, or single-serve items i.e. Ramen Noodle packets.                 

Donated, non-perishable food items will be worth $1 each toward unpaid fines.  Donated items may not be used towards lost or damaged item fees.  This policy applies only to fines for LaGrange County Public Library materials.

Items will be accepted at the discretion of Library Staff.

Genealogy Volunteer Policy

Physical and Mental Requirements:
Regularly required to stand, sit, or walk; occasionally required to climb, balance, stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl.

Frequently required to lift and/or move up to 10 pounds.

Completion of the tenth grade or with special permission from the library director.

Provide basic instruction to patrons concerning ways to begin genealogy research and trace family history.

Provide basic instruction to patrons concerning ways to use genealogy resources such as census records; telephone directories; military service records; newspapers; birth, death, marriage, and divorce records; wills; tax records; property deeds; etc.

Assist patrons in finding appropriate research materials.

Shelve and retrieve materials stored in specific numerical or alphabetical order.

Organize materials into binders and vertical files in the filing cabinet.

Gather newspaper clippings that are relevant for LaGrange County history and genealogy for the vertical files.

Maintain order and neatness in the genealogy room and public areas throughout the library.

Maintain good relations with the public and the staff of the LaGrange County Public Library.

Assist patrons with library equipment and related software (i.e. copier, microfilm reader/printer, computers, internet, etc.).


Holds may be placed on most items in any Evergreen Indiana library.  Patrons will have one week after the hold is filled to pick up the hold item.  Some Evergreen Indiana libraries may impose a fee for failure to pick up a hold.

Patrons may have 20 unfilled holds in the system

Patrons may place their own holds via the OPAC, an may select their pickup location and notification method.  Patrons whose accounts are blocked or barred may not place holds.

Patrons may not place holds for reference materials or bestsellers with the no-hold designation.

Patrons may only place holds on their local library's copies of bestsellers, new books, CDs, DVDs, ILL, equipment, media, realia, reference, software, and talking books; however, they may borrow such items in person from other libraries.

Late Fees Collections

 Late Fees

Evergreen Indiana library fines and fees shall be paid at the billing library.  Patrons my pay all or a portion of overdue fines.  A patron's account will remain blocked or barred until the fines and fees are paid or the patron has resolved the matter with the particular library to restore his or her privileges.  A patron may be (or remain) blocked if related group or family member cards are blocked.

Library Card Registration

Beginning December 5, 2009, all patrons must present their own valid Evergreen Indiana library card in order to check out materials or use a public computer. You may not use any other patron's card unless that patron is present with you.  We cannot look up your account if you forget your card.

The LaGrange County Public Library will honor library cards from anywhere in the Evergreen Indiana consortium.

To be eligible for an Evergreen Indiana library card from the LaGrange County Public Library, you must meet at least one of the following criteria:

·         Live in LaGrange County

·         Pay property taxes to LaGrange County

·         Attend school in LaGrange County

·         Have a current library card from a library that has a reciprocal borrowing agreement with the LaGrange County Public Library

·         Pay a $40 annual out-of-county registration fee

·         Purchase an Indiana Public Library Access Card (PLAC).

In order to receive a library card from the LaGrange County Public Library, you must complete, sign, and submit an application.  You must also present proof of identity and LaGrange County residency.

Applicants under the age of 18 must also have their applications signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Cards issued to reciprocal borrowers and out-of-county students will not give them access to all Evergreen Indiana libraries, only to the LaGrange County Public Library and its branches.  Non-residents who pay the annual out-of-county registration fee or who purchase a PLAC card will have  access to all Evergreen Indiana libraries.

Replacement cards cost $2.00 and require a new application.

Loan Periods

Loan Period

100 items at any one time.


21 days

Genealogy books and most reference books may not be checked out.


21 days

Current issues may not be checked out, only back issues.


7 days

10 DVDs per household at any one time. Patrons under 18 may not check out R-rated materials.


21 days


Music CDs

21 days


21 days


21 days

Library Patron Confidentiality

The LaGrange County Public Library shall make all reasonable attempts to keep patron circulation and registration records, and other patron inquiry records, confidential unless court ordered. 

When another library calls to verify a library patron’s card, so the patron can obtain a card from that library, staff may confirm the patron’s name, address, card expiration date and number, and say whether the patron is in good status with the library.

This confidentiality policy shall not be construed as a guarantee by the library to its patrons of any absolute right to privacy.  The library is not responsible for information gained from a patron record by anyone other than the patron. The patron is responsible for notifying the library if his/her card is lost or stolen.

Lost and Damaged Materials Policy

LaGrange County Public Library strives to maintain collections that are attractive and in good repair for public use.  The following guidelines will be applied to lost or damaged materials:

·        Patrons will be charged for damaged materials based on the extent of the damage.  If the materials are damaged to the extent that they cannot be put back in the collection, the patron will be charged the current replacement cost of the item and a $10.00 processing fee.

·        If a lost or damaged item does not have a price listed in Evergreen, was purchased before automation, the default price that was established based on the average cost of a new item in that collection will be charged to the patron.

·        A patron who has lost or damaged an item loaned from another agency (inter-library loan or lease) will be assessed the charges made from that agency.

·        When a patron returns an item that was lost and paid for, they will receive a refund for the lost item up to one year after the date of payment, minus the $10.00 process fee.  A receipt with the amount paid and the last date to receive a refund shall be given to the patron at the time that they pay for the material.  Any item returned after the one year period is not eligible for a refund.

A patron who mutilates or fails to return library property shall be held financially liable for those materials and may be denied further access to the LaGrange County Public Library until all fines have been paid and items have been returned.

Naming of Rooms in the Library Policy

On occasion, the LaGrange County Public Library Board recognizes the efforts and contributions of individuals who have given substantial time, materials or finances to promote our county wide library, branches, and bookmobile.   For this we recognize their importance and/or efforts and are grateful to that individual as someone who represents the ideals of the library community.  It is over time that many individuals will make contributions both public and private to the library.  This policy, that the library board has established, would not want to single out only a few individuals by placing their name on a room in one of the library buildings.  Knowing that each generation will have individuals who will be supporting our library in various ways, no one should be singled out as having their contributions considered more valuable than those of others.  It is for this reason the LaGrange County Public Library has established a policy not to place an individual’s name on any room.

Non-Resident Policy

The LaGrange County Library appreciates those patrons who live outside our tax-supported county, but enjoy using our library. A small fee of twenty-five dollars each year is required to use the LaGrange County Library, branches and bookmobile from those who do not live within the county or have an EVERGREEN library card from their home library.   Patrons who live in Orland and Middlebury can use our library at no charge if they have a library card from their tax supported library.  Our library has a reciprocal borrowing agreement with them.  Children and adults that attend or work at a school in LaGrange County, but live outside the county may acquire a LaGrange County library card if they do not belong to an EVERGREEN library.

Overdue Notices

Overdue notices are sent as a courtesy.  Faliure to receive notices does not exempt patrons from the responsibility for payment of library materials or overdue fines and fees.

Patrons with an e-mail address on file will receive:

o    An e-mail reminder notice three (3) days before the due date

o    An e-mail overdue notice on the due date.

o    Overdue notices via e-mail and US First class mail, fourteen (14) and twenty-eight (28) days after the due date.

o    A final notice/invoice for the unreturned item(s) and related costs via US First Class mail forty-five (45) days after the due date.

Patrons without an e-mail address on file will receive:

o    Overdue notices via US First class mail, fourteen (14) and twenty-eight (28) days after the due date.

o    A final notice/invoice for the unreturned item(s) and related costs via US First Class mail forty-five (45) days after the due date.

Patron Behavior Policy

Policy Statement

The purpose of all the library facilities of the LaGrange County Public Library is to provide materials and services in a welcoming environment that is safe, enjoyable and conducive to comfortable library use. All individuals who make use of the library are expected to comply with the following standards of behavior which will assist the library to meet the above purpose.

Guidelines: Behaviors with Progressive Consequences

Instances of irresponsible use of the library and its facilities with examples:

    The behaviors identified above are considered to be unacceptable patron conduct and will result in appropriate discretionary responses from library staff according to the following progressive criteria:
  1. Ask patron to cease behavior.

  2. Repeat request to cease behavior and communicate that this correction is a warning of expulsion, if behavior continues.

  3. Ask patron to leave facility or call police if patron refuses to comply. The staff member involved will document the occurrence and any action on the Incident Report form. The patron will not be allowed in the library for one full week beginning the day after the incident.

  4. If there is a second offense, the patron will not be allowed in the library for one month starting with the business day after the incident. The staff member will document any action on the Incident Report form and report it to their direct supervisor. If the patron is under 18 years of age, the parent/guardian will be contacted by phone or mail by the Department/Branch Manager. For patrons over the age of 18 a letter will be sent to the last known address with a copy of this policy and a date of return.

  5. If there is a third offense, the patron will not be allowed in the library for one year up to a permanent ban starting with the business day after the incident. The decided length is at the discretion of the Library Director or Assistant Director. The staff member will document any action on the Incident Report form and report it to their direct supervisor. If the patron is under 18 years of age, the director will contact the parent/guardian by phone, if possible, to discuss the issue and a letter will be sent to the last known address with a copy of the this policy and a return date. The parent/guardian will need to accompany their child after the one year ban to reinstate privileges. If the patron is over 18, a letter will be sent to the last known address with a copy of this policy and a date of return.

Zero Tolerance Behaviors 

The behaviors mentioned below will result in immediate expulsion from the library until either legal action is complete or the Library Director has met with the offender to discuss the consequences of the behavior.

Any patron banned from the library one year or more may appeal to the LaGrange County Public Library Board of Trustees for a potential reduction in time away from the library. The appeal will be scheduled for the next public meeting of the LaGrange County Public Library Board of Trustees.

Public Comments at a Board Meeting Policy

The function of the regular meetings of the Library Board is to conduct the business of the LaGrange County Public Library.

Although Library Board meetings are open public meetings, they are not public hearings.
The Board does, however, encourage public attendance at its meetings and provides an opportunity for public comment.

1. Time will be reserved at the beginning of each Library Board meeting for public comment. Public comment is limited to this period.

2. Members of the public who wish to speak are asked to sign up before the meeting begins, identifying themselves and providing their address and group affiliation (if any) to the Board before speaking. Anyone refusing to identify him or herself will be prohibited from speaking.

3. As a courtesy, it is appreciated if notice of an intention to speak at a Board meeting is given to the Library Director at least one week in advance of the meeting.

4. Members of the public are limited to a maximum of three minutes of comments.

5. A total of up to fifteen minutes will be allotted per meeting for public comment.

6. Public comments will be addressed to the entire Library Board, but normally there will not be a response from either Board members or the Library Director. It is at the President’s discretion to allow any response or discussion of public comments.

7. During the public comment session, comments are welcome but additional agenda items will not be accepted.

8. If at any time persons appearing before the Board exceed the time limitation set forth in this policy or become inappropriate in language or behavior, it shall be the responsibility of the President to declare that person out of order and to refuse him or her permission to continue to address the Board.

9. Public comments are recorded in the Board meeting minutes.

10. There is no guarantee that suggestions brought forth by the public during the public comment session will be addressed by the Board at the current or a future meeting.

11. If the number of people wishing to speak is large, the President may rule that a separate special Library Board meeting be scheduled on the issue in question and ask that those wishing to comment do so at that meeting.

Guidelines for Public Comment at Special Library Board Meetings

1. A sign-in roster will determine the speaking order for people who wish to make public comment. The names will be called in the order in which they appear on the sign-up sheet.

2. Each speaker will have three minutes total to comment and is allowed to comment only once. The speaker is requested to comment standing in front of the Board if physically possible.  The speaker may be asked to respond to questions from the Board.

3. Meeting facilitators will inform the speaker and Library Board when one minute of discussion time remains. When three minutes are called, the person speaking may finish the current sentence.

4. A spokesperson representing several other parties or organizations shall also have only three minutes to make public comment. The group being represented may stand in the audience to be recognized.

5. Written comments will be accepted from anyone who does not have time to speak or anyone who wishes to supplement public remarks.  Comments must be submitted in either electronic or paper format one week before Library Board meeting. Send comments to: Library Board, c/o Library Director, 203 W. Spring St., LaGrange, IN 46761 or

A written summary of public comments will be prepared for review by the Library Board following public meetings.

Purchasing Policy

The LaGrange County Public Library Board is a governmental body that is authorized to enter into contracts under the Indiana Public Purchasing Law.  The LaGrange County Public Library Board is the “Purchasing Agency.”

The “Purchasing Agent” of the LaGrange County Public Library is the library director.  Those others who may be authorized by the Purchasing Agency to make routine purchases are commonly the assistant library director, department supervisors, branch supervisors, IT systems supervisor, business manager, and treasurer.

The Purchasing Agent(s) may purchase supplies costing up to $1,000.  Any supplies costing $1,001 or more require the approval of the LaGrange County Public Library Board.  This provision excludes “library materials”, those items purchased for the use of library patrons.  All purchases under $25,000 will be made on the open market.  All items costing between $25,000 and $75,000 will be purchased only after inviting three quotes from persons known to deal in the lines or classes of supplies to be purchased unless another procedure is authorized by statue.

In accordance with state statute, all items costing over $75,000 will be purchased following competitive bidding procedures unless another procedure is authorized by statute.  The LaGrange County Public Library will follow all the proper steps for competitive bidding procedures or the inviting of quotes as required by statute or by the guidelines of the appropriate state agency.

The board of Trustees or the Purchasing Agent(s) will purchase services on the basis of provisions of the contract, cost, experience of the offer or any other factor deemed appropriate to the services being purchased.

Reciprocal Borrowing

The LaGrange County Public Library maintains reciprocal borrowing agreements with the following libraries:

o    Joyce Public Library, Orland

o    Middlebury Community Library, Middlebury

A LaGrange County Public Library card will be honored at the libraries above and the LaGrange County Public Library agrees to honor borrower's cards from those libraries.  Borrowers may have to fill out a separate application at the lending library.  Borrowers are reminded that they must abide by the lending library's policies, regardless of which library issued their library card.

Reciprocal borrowers from non-Evergreen Indiana libraries will receive an Evergreen Indiana library card, but it will not give them access to all Evergreen Indiana libraries, only to the library that issued the card.  

Renewal Policy

Renewal requests may be made in person, online, or by phone.  Items may not be renewed by e-mail.

To renew items online, use the "My Account" feature on the library's web page.  You will need your library card.

To renew items by phone, call any branch of the LaGrange County Public Library. Have your library card in hand when you call.  Library staff will need your 14-digit library card number in order to access your account.

Most items may be renewed one time.  Some items may not be renewed at all; for example, an item on which another patron has placed a hold.

Return Locations

Please return items inside the library during library hours, or in the appropriate book drop when the library is closed.  (Please note that there is a separate book drop for audiovisual materials.)

You may also return materials to any library in the Evergreen Indiana consortium.

Second Saturday Book Club Standards of Behavior

The LaGrange County Public Library has established the Second Saturday Book Club to encourage the reading and discussion of a wide variety of books, as well as to provide a forum for social interaction among readers.

The meetings and materials of the Second Saturday Book Club are available to any adult (age 18 or older) who demonstrates a sincere desire to read and/or discuss the books selected.  All book club participants are expected to observe the following standards of behavior:

Participants who violate these standards of behavior will not be allowed to participate in the book club.

Adopted 12/19/13

Reviewed 3/20/14

 Security Gate Policy

The security gates trigger an audible alarm when materials not checked out are removed from the library. When someone triggers the alarm, he/she will be asked to stop. Sometimes, devices other than library materials may cause the alarm to sound.  

Library staff will verify that all materials in patron's possession have been checked out.

If staff cannot verify why the patron is causing the alarm to sound, they will request to inspect the contents of purses, bags, backpacks, briefcases, clothing, or similar items. If staff still cannot determine the cause of the alarm, the police may be called. If concealed materials are discovered, and not checked out, staff may ask for identification, which will be forwarded to the director. If the request for inspection of contents or identification is refused, staff may contact the police.

Study Room Policy

The study room is provided for individual quiet study and for small groups of up to six persons to work together without disturbing other library users.

Reservations and Use

General Room Use Policies

·         Sign-In and Out. Users must sign in and out at the circulation desk.

·         Food and Drink. Only beverages with lids are allowed in the study room. Food is not permitted.

·         Decorations. Attaching materials of any kind to the walls, floors, ceilings, or doors is not allowed.

·         Damages. Users will be liable for custodial maintenance or repairs if any damage is done to the premises, furniture, or equipment and may be denied future use of the study room if damages occur.

·         Banned Substances. Smoking, alcoholic beverages, and the use of candles or hazardous materials are not allowed on library property.

·         Clean Up. Users are responsible for leaving the room as they found it.

·         Personal Property. The library is not responsible for loss or damage to the personal property of individuals or groups using any library facilities.

Failure to abide by study room and library conduct policies may result in denial of future use of the study room.

Web Site Policy

The purpose of the LaGrange County Public Library’s web site is:

Site Content

Information that is not consistent with the purpose of the library’s web site will not be posted.

Staff and/or board members who wish additions, updates, and/or corrections to be made to the library’s web site should write down the information exactly as it should appear on the web site and give it to the library’s webmaster(s).  The webmaster(s) will make the necessary changes as soon as possible.


Links to strictly for-profit sites will not be posted.  Links may be posted to sites that contain advertising if those sites also provide valuable information, although sites that provide the same information without advertising will be preferred.

Links to sites that violate the library’s Computers Users Agreement will not be posted.

Links will be checked as time allows, so that they can be kept “live” and up to date.

Open Forum(s)

All blogs and other open forums will be monitored and edited deemed necessary by the library staff.

Weeding Policy

It is the policy of the LaGrange County Public Library that weeding (de-selection) of materials is necessary on a regular basis, both to maintain a quality collection for the benefit of our patrons and also to keep the collection from exceeding available space.

Each branch or area supervisor is responsible for maintaining a current collection and will weed on a regular basis according to library procedure.  That person may also be given the authority to make final weeding decisions, or that authority may be given to another, at the library director’s discretion.

The cataloger shall have the responsibility to weed on the basis of condition in the normal course of repairs.  The cataloger shall have the authority to weed materials that are beyond repair, in accordance with library procedure.

It is the policy of the LaGrange County Public Library that all patrons of the library system should receive fair and equal service and should have access to good quality materials at all branches and in all departments.

It is the policy of the LaGrange County Public Library that all branches and departments of the library system shall be weeded fairly and equitably.  Consideration should be given to suggestions offered by branch and departmental personnel and advice should be sought from branch and departmental personnel when needed; however, final weeding authority remains with the person to whom the library director has assigned it. 

It is the policy of the LaGrange County Public Library that efforts shall be made to preserve or replace materials that are commonly used by patrons of the library system.

Materials shall be weeded in accordance with library procedure, regardless of the manner in which they were obtained.

Young Adult Area Policy

According to research by The Search Institute, adolescents (12-18 years old) need to perceive that adults in the community value youth.  One way the Lagrange County Public Library is addressing this need is by creating a space for teen library users. The point of having this teen-centric area in the library is to create and maintain a space where teens, their interests, their needs, and their modes of interaction are valued and fore grounded. This not only helps meet their need for acceptance; it gives them a feeling of belonging and ownership.  A teen-centric area also increases library usage by teens and encourages them to become life-long learners.


1)     The Young Adult area of the Lagrange County Public Library exists to provide teens (12- 18 year- olds) with a safe and inviting, teen-centric environment.

2)   When school is not in session (including after 3:00pm on weekdays), the Young Adult area of the library will be reserved for use by those patrons between the ages of 12 and 18.  No person under 12 or older than 18 may use this area for longer than 15 minutes unless accompanied by a teen or approved by the Young Adult Librarian.  Anyone not abiding this policy will be kindly asked to re-locate to another section of the library.

3)     The computers in the Young Adult area are to be used by teens only. Anyone not abiding this policy will be kindly asked to re-locate to another section of the library.

4)     The Young Adult Area will be open to all library patrons from 9:00am until 3:00pm when the local school system is in session.

5)      As texting is a central means of communication for teens, cell phone usage is permitted in the Young Adult area but phones must be set on vibrate. Anyone not abiding this policy will be kindly asked to place his/her phone on vibrate. Repeat offenders will be asked to leave the library premises for the remainder of the day.

Revised 03/20/2014